Build With HD5770 Under $500 or $600 with Windows

Hey everyone,

So I am currently looking at building a PC with fairly powerful specs for under $500.

There's a $306 combo deal on Newegg which would cover the CPU, case, PSU, mobo, memory, and HD:

I would add a $100 5770 (which they go on sale to this price consistently, as well as the $100 Windows 7 Premium OEM and a $60 Blu Ray drive.

Grand total would be around $570, $510 if I just went with my old DVD drive.

Any thoughts/opinions for better builds? I would love any better builds.
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  1. The combo isn't bad for $308.

    Optionally, you could build it with a few parts changed:

    Athlon II X4 640: $106 (Why the price rise from $99.99 newegg?)
    ASRock 880 GM: $60 ($20 less for the same chipset!!)
    Samsung F3 1 TB HDD: $65 (Same price, better hard drive)
    4 GB G.Skill RAM: $40 (only $5 less than the ripjaws if you want them instead)
    Rosewill R101 case: $30 (A micro-atx mini-tower, with 1 120mm fan)
    Xigmatek 400W PSU: $35

    This is $336, but you get a much more reliable power supply than the Rosewill 500W, the Xigmatek has enough juice to handle a 5770 with ease (It can handle a 460)
  2. Hmm, the PSU looks pretty good... I'm think about just dropping the Blu Ray drive for now and just going with the replacement PSU. Thanks for the advice.

    Any other opinions?
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