GPU space problem, slot wise. Water or air

I am looking at a cheap HP XW8400 Workstation for my main desktop. Problem one I must have all the PCI-e slot, so I can't have the GPU cooler taking up a slot.

What cooling options are available to me? I am looking at this card XFX Radeon HD 5770 or a USED EVGA 017-P3-1291-AR GeForce GTX 295 1792MB video card.(If the guy drops his price a bit.)

Or otherwise I will get a card suited to the cooling system with good spec.

Before you say "use the other x16 slot MORON" it a 4x PCI-E. Why, WHY didn't they put that useless PCI, in front of that X16 slot.

HP/Compaq Picture, So all that legal crap.

Tom's Hardware Picture, again same thing.
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  1. If your PCIe slot is version 2.0 why not a single slot card
  2. From with I could find, the computer was released in 2006/07. HP/Compaq doesn't say anything about the version number of it PCI-e slots.

    As far as I know you can use any PCI-E x16 video card in any PCI-E X16 slot. Right or has this changed because of the new V2.1?
  3. If they do not say the version (and the age of the board) tell me it is version 1.x.
    There has been a compatibility issue (no video) with the version 2.1 cards (although backwards compatibility) in the older 1.x slots. Some motherboard manufacturers fixed it with BIOS updates on some of their products but not nearly all so the safest bet is to get a version 2.0 card for the older boards.
  4. I may try the SL 5770 and see if it might work.(hopefully there is a good return policy)

    Just in case what GPU water cooling system are there or what are trusted water cooling manufacturers?

    No more then $500 for the card and cooling system.

    Founded the HSF system I want, now to see if it is still sold and the size of it.

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