New PC Build - Random freeze and restart

Hey all,

Been browsing this website non-stop since I found out about it, but this is my first post. Just built a new system about 3 weeks ago and everything has been working perfectly until recently the system has randomly frozen and restarted a couple times. Twice while playing Crysis and once just using a web browser and email client. Here are my specs:

ASRock AM3 Mobo
Win 7 64
Phenom II X4 925
8 GB DDR3 1333
Radeon HD 6950
500 GB Barracuda HD
60 GB G Skill SSD
Apevia 650W PSU

I ran memtest and it came up clean with no errors, from what I've been reading it seems like it could be overheating or a bad psu? Temps on my CPU/GPU never go above 40c so Im thinking it may be that the power supply is being pushed to far. Could anyone offer any ideas/help?

Thanks in advance
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  1. Well, it could be the power supply. Download HWmonitor and check if the volts/watts going to your components are up to par. According to newegg your PSU doesn't appear to be 80%+ certified, meaning though it says it's 650W it won't always (or ever, rather) deliver that much power to your rig.

    But have you stress tested the GPU and CPU? 6 or so hours for either? Generally speaking the GPU crapping out in the midst of gaming will show signs of artifacts, but not always, like when it's not getting enough power.

    You should try to eliminate all of the other possible culprits one step at a time before you find the little sneaky bastard that's been causing your problems. But my guess would be that it may be the cheapo PSU
  2. Damn, Everest and my case temp sensors both showed a GPU temp of about 40c during heavy use, but HWmonitor is showing it at 60c just browsing the internet.
  3. What do the drivers for your GPU show the temperatures at? Did you get any strange artifacts before your PC hiccup?
  4. The screen flashes a grainy pattern of black and a few colors for just an instant then system crashes and restarts. Had to go to wrk so not sure about the driver temps I can check later though
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    It sounds like it may be a heating issue with the videocard.

    When gaming for extended periods, manually turn your GPU fan to a very high setting and see if that fixes the problem. Also may want to run HWMonitor while doing this to see the max temps for your GPU under load with the fan set high.

    Also, check the temps of your CPU under load and idle. If it's a heat flow problem then it's affecting all the components of your rig and not just your GPU
  6. Thats exactly what it was. My CPU temps seem to be accurate, both my sensors and HWMonitor show it maxing around 38c during gameplay, but video card is running much hotter than sensor indicates. I set the GPU fan speed to manual in CCC and run it at 50% during gaming and its keeping it under 50c, and havn't experienced another crash yet so hopefully that was it. Thanks Pelov for all the help and the quick responses!
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