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Hi i have a prolem with my graphics card which is a gt 240, i run it on a triple core with 2gd with a 700 w cit psu windows 7. the problem is the pc shuts down when i am playing games, mainly armed assault 2 and medievil 2. this has only really been happenen recently .i have put the old driver in formatted the pc reinstallled everthing new up to date drivers . i have cleaned out the pc and it has'nt had much dust in it but i have noticed that the heatsink is a little loose not too much but you can move it slightly (don't worry) i did not move it again ! because i could have blown it . am thinking that i didn't use enough themal paste and it heating up the cpu then shutting down because am not geting the blue screen just windows shut down and the normal windows choice of starting windows normaly. i have used my old 400psu and it worked for about 2 days then the same again . i did really clean the pc out and checked for any dust thats why i think it played ok but it's back agin to it's old ways.if you can help me could you also tell me what i am looking for when telling you about the specs and motherboard and bios and what apps to get too . thank you :sarcastic:
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  1. any one got a clue as am left hanging here please help for god sdake it's christmas lol
  2. tell the whole specifications of your pc!
  3. dude make your post shorter.=D
  4. Check the temperature of your CPU and GPU under load for about 30 minutes and tell us what it says. You can use GPU-Z program to see the graphics card temperature and CPU Thermometer to see the CPU temperature:


    CPU Thermometer:
  5. thanks, will get the temps today, and the reason why i made the post long was to give the best infomation as possible but it was like writing a book .lol
  6. mrjericho1991 said:
    tell the whole specifications of your pc!

    sorry for all the info below

    Processor 1 ID = 0
    Number of cores 3 (max 3)
    Number of threads 3 (max 3)
    Name AMD Phenom X3 8850B
    Codename Toliman
    Specification AMD Phenom(tm) 8850B Triple-Core Processor
    Package Socket AM2+ (940)
    CPUID F.2.3
    Extended CPUID 10.2
    Brand ID 2
    Core Stepping DR-B3
    Technology 65 nm
    Core Speed 2511.4 MHz
    Multiplier x FSB 12.5 x 200.9 MHz
    HT Link speed 1004.6 MHz
    Stock frequency 2500 MHz

    just checked pc with cpuid mointor and the amd phemom x3 8850b temps were core#0 83'c (179'f) 49'c(120'f ) 105'c(220 f)
    core#2 81'c (179'f 49'c (120'f) 105'c (220 f)
    core# 1 81'c (176'f) 49'c (120'f) 105'c (220 f)
    also it was alot higher mybe up to 99 on the core's
    what can i do to cool them down and if not is it the mother board thats going because its only new. more infomation sorry again for the all the info

    Hardware monitor

    Voltage 0 1.30 Volts [0x51] (CPU VCORE)
    Voltage 1 1.89 Volts [0x76] (VIN1)
    Voltage 2 3.30 Volts [0xCE] (+3.3V)
    Voltage 4 12.22 Volts [0xBF] (+12V)
    Voltage 5 -8.64 Volts [0x87] (-12V)
    Voltage 6 -8.64 Volts [0x87] (-5V)
    Voltage 7 5.54 Volts [0xCE] (+5V VCCH)
    Voltage 8 3.07 Volts [0xC0] (VBAT)
    Temperature 0 40°C (103°F) [0x28] (TMPIN0)
    Temperature 1 90°C (193°F) [0x5A] (TMPIN1)
    Temperature 2 98°C (208°F) [0x62] (TMPIN2)
    Fan 0 2626 RPM [0x101] (FANIN0)
    Fan PWM 0 0 pc [0x0] (FANPWM0)
    Fan PWM 1 99 pc [0x7F] (FANPWM1)
    Fan PWM 2 0 pc [0x0] (FANPWM2)

    the graphics are
    Display adapter 0
    Name NVIDIA GeForce GT 240
    Revision A2
    Codename GT215
    Technology 40 nm
    PCI device bus 2 (0x2), device 0 (0x0), function 0 (0x0)
    Vendor ID 0x10DE (0x1682)
    Model ID 0x0CA3 (0x3001)
  7. check ur bios, maybe you turned on the automatic shutdown when it reaches high temps..
  8. cheers for all the infomation will check for automatic temp shut down on the bios and its not overclocked still on the settings i got with it, the bundle was from maplin came with motherboard, gt240 card . and yes your right i will get more ram but wot could be the cause of the high temps even when i was on vista .i could it be the something wrong with the cpu
  9. At the very very least, reseat your heat sink. It's definitely not doing it's job at those high temps.
  10. id say the CPU is overheating. Make sure you re-seat the heatsink with new thermal paste and clean the old thermal paste off. AS5 thermal paste is readily available, not too expensive and works well. Failing that, the PSU you have is an unreliable brand and can cause shutdown issues. Is the PSU more than a few years old?
  11. will get some thermal paste today and the motherboard i got was on july last i know i need ram but don't have too much money so i don't want to get ram , psu and then something else, can't afford it so i will start with the cpu and then the rest later . thanks again for all
  12. just a word to say thank you for all the help and advice you gave me the problem seems to be solved, i reseated the cpu and used more thermal paste and made sure it seated properly. The old psu 700w is working fine and the temps are down to 30 ,40, 30 which is great compared to 90's i have also more ram coming so thanks again to you's all
  13. Quote:
    so your gaming on the older phenom x3 8850 (2.5GHz); is this the black edition and if so do you have it overclocked.?
    you have an AM2+ board so you can upgrade to the newer phenom ii x3 or x4 chips - FYI
    and if you purchase a retail box then the cpu/cooler comes with..
    kill two birds with one stone that way...

    and then upgrade your RAM because 2GB and windows 7 gfx with a GT240 trying to game is not happening.!

    sorry for the high temps and then shutdown.

    Every one seams to think that AM2+ is trash, they are not as slow as people here seam to think. I got a 8250e that I got running at 2.7ghz on air that I am using right now.
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