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Best ATI Card For Windows 7 64bit Ultimate?

Does anyone have Ati cards they'd recommend that are running great on Windows 7 64bit? I had lots of problems with the xfx 5770 I had, and ended up returning for a refund. Now i'm looking again for a new card. I'd prefer to spend less than 200, and would like a card that does not exceed 9.75" long.

Current Specs:

Windows 7 64bit
amd phenom II 955 @stock 3.2ghz
asus m4a89gtdpro/usb3
2 x 4gb corsair xms 1333mhz memory modules
750 watt ultra LSP
1 tb sata 6 g/bs western digital black hard drive
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  1. IDK about the length, but the GTX 470 1GB is significantly faster than the 5770 and costs around $170 after rebate.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion, but my mobo will only take ATI.
  3. I wouldn't recommend a 470, as someone who has used them. They are really noisy.

    What sort of issues did you have with the 5770?
  4. malibumike said:
    Thanks for the suggestion, but my mobo will only take ATI.

    As long as you aren't crossfiring, your board can use either brand just fine.
  5. The card would freeze anywhere from 5-30 min into games. I tried everything to fix it and nothing worked. I ultimately think it was a driver issue but unsure...just returned the thing after a full week of troubleshooting.
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    The 5000 series cards sometimes had some VRM overheating issues that caused the drivers to crash when it occured. It's probably something releated to that.

    I've not heard any issues with any 6000 cards with that issue.

    A 6850 would likely be a good choice for you:

    I have not heard anyone having those issues with it, and Gigabyte is a pretty good card. Free shipping too.

    A GTX 460 1GB would also be a nice card. It can't be SLI'ed on your board (assuming you have multiple PCIe x16 slots), but you can indeed run an nvidia card on your board.
  7. bystander, thanks a lot. I honestly didn't think that board could use nvidia cards...opens up lots of options...Though crossfire is a feature I would like to use in the future.
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  9. I've decided to buy a 6850, hopefully I have better luck. Thanks for the help!
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