Ram issue

Hi everyone.
I'm having some questions considering ram memory installed. Quick on the specs:
it's a modified dell optiplex 745
>mbo intel q965/q963
>ram patriot ddr2 6400 800 MHz
>cpu intel core 2 duo 6400 2,13 GHz
>psu ocz extreme 650 W
>gpu ati hd 4890 oc
>w7 ultimate x64
whatever matters...

The thing is, I was doing a Memtest86 test and everything is fine except I noticed ram clock detected is 266 MHz (ddr532), and bios detects 800 MHz (dual channel interleaved). Now I've red that clock speeds are detected at half what the supposed clock should be and that is normal. Also the cas readr 1-1-1-31.

Now 266 MHz is less than half so I was wondering is this normal? And if not, how do I change it? All drivers are up to date, including BIOS (which BTW is comletely locked and useless for hardware changes and/or overclocking). Also I've read that I should update the chipset driver, but I can't find that one.

Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. It could be that your mobo does not support 800 MHz,

    so the mobo downclock it to 532MHz (266 MHz).

    So it is correct reading.
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