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To put it very simply, I can't decide between a few mATX cases. I'm definitely still open to any suggestions or other ideas (within about a $200 budget for the case itself), but I've pretty much narrowed down my choice to these:

Silverstone FT03

Lian Li PC-A04

Lian Li PC-V354

All would be in black.
Each has distinct advantages and disadvantages. The FT03 has a unique cooling layout and compact footprint that frankly just make sense to me. The V354 has a very efficient space-saving design and the highest build quality of all these choices. The A04 is classic, but very elegantly so, and actually has a couple 5.25 external bays.

Right now I'm leaning towards the FT03 because it removes the need to paint, anodize, or powdercoat the internal parts of the case, as would be necessary on the LiLi's. The problem with this setup is that I want the possibility of eventually using a Blu-Ray drive, and the only slot loaders for Blu-Ray are LUDICROUSLY expensive and would need separate software (as every one I can find is an OEM drive).

I've already read literally every review available for each of these cases. It really hasn't helped that much, since I'm still no closer to making a decision.

Internally, I'd be using an 15-2500k, on air, with a GTX 560Ti. Almost certainly, the build would need space for an AX850 PSU from Corsair. Aside from that, I have no real criteria except 'quality' and cooling power.

I am trying to stay away from 'gamer' cases and LED fans (and will probably swap the default fans with better models, regardless of the case I end up with).

Technically speaking, I would be willing to move into the ATX micro-tower range (a la PC-A05), but would need a good reason for doing so.

Any help or other suggestions you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
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    By "gamer" cases, I'm assuming you mean flashy-looking things. That might rule out my beloved Dragon Slayer, but take a look:
    It's a straight-up, traditional case with excellent airflow and a cable wall that works very well after you get it closed.
  2. Yeah, that was what I meant--probably should've been a little clearer there. And truth be told, I've heard great things about the Dragon Slayer.

    Just from an aesthetic standpoint, I'm not feeling it. Thanks though. I will dig a little deeper and read a few more reviews, but don't think it'll end up being an option.
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