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Hello everyone,
I've bought an Asus K42jc with Nvidia GeForce 310m and Intel HD graphic card. But when I tried to play any video (for example; Youtube's videos), the screen suddenly go black and recover again. And there's an icon appeared that said "NVIDIA GeForce 310M Graphics Card Stopped working and was recovered". What can I do to rectify this problem? Currently I hv disable my Nvidia card and left me with Intel HD. Thx
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  1. If your mother board happens to have an onboard GPU, you can enter the BIOS on start up and switch to the onboard to test and see if you are having problems unique to the card or your whole system. I have a 310m that came stock with my Dell and have no problems. Although, I am upgraded very soon as the stock 310m is pretty basis as far as GPUs go.
  2. I'm also having the same problems with the Nvidia 310M...I'm not a happy camper. Came with my Toshiba laptop - I used to be pretty dedicated Toshiba supporter - can't say that I am anymore.
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