Different types of opperating systems?

i recently built my computer and had a lot of fun with it so now i would like to build another. i want a media center but im not sure about the operating center. would i just use windows 7 and run a program out of that or is there an actual operating system that runs like a media center? if that makes any sense

thanks for any information
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  1. Hello nah51dog;
    Have you played around with Win7's Windows Media Center?
  2. If you want to try some of the Linux based Media Centers:
    XBMC Live / Mythbuntu / GeeXboX / Element are just a few of the options out there.
  3. I have actually used windows 7 media center and I like it I was just wondering if there was an operating system that was strictly for media applications for playing blueray ect.
  4. When you say you want a media center what, specifically, would you like it to do?
    The reason I ask is that sometimes the lines are pretty blurry between the terms 'media center', 'home theater PC', and 'Network Attached Storage'.
    Depending on the set of features you're looking for we may point you in different directions.
  5. i guess i want it to play movies and dvds as well as netflix. also streaming music from my other computer would be nice too

    honestly this is more of a fun project and i was looking for something new to try other than windows which is all i have ever used
  6. A lot of nice things happening with Linux. And the price is right to play around with.

    You can always setup a dual boot option so you have a chance to use what you know while you're doing the setup and learning of the Linux system.
  7. http://xbmc.org/download/ I have used xbmc for an old original x box and it works great it can stream off of another system and it has an xbox 360 type of feel to the menu system. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TR9-vahLi1s this should give you a solid idea on what it looks like(you have to skip the guy showing you his basement.) Or if you want to get into a different full scale flavor of operating system I would suggest Ubuntu its extremely user friendly (mac like in nature) and both are totally free so if you dont like them theres no harm no foul. Honestly I would suggest xbmc if you dont need to surf the web but that is personal preference. EDIT: I have erred in my thinking I ran xbmc from a live boot flash drive but you can install UBUNTU and from there set xbmc as the startup program http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=HOW-TO_install_XBMC_for_Linux_on_Ubuntu,_a_Step-by-Step_Guide
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