Displayport to HDMI?

Sigh... so I've just discovered that I didn't read the description of the video card I ordered carefully enough.

I got a low-profile HD5570 for my HTPC. Turns out it didn't have HDMI as I thought, it has Displayport. My home theatre doesn't have displayport plugs in the receiver.

Can I get a displayport to HDMI adaptor, and will it preserve the Protected Audio Pathway, and all audio/sound, or am I stuck RMA'ing this video card?

I got such a good deal on the card too... I'm so discouraged right now...

Any advice is certainly more than welcome!
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  1. jaguarskx, thank you, but I have no problem finding the adaptor.

    My concern is with the preservation of the data. Is there any data loss or manipulation that would affect the video/sound quality?
  2. It's simply a re-arrangement of contact pins.
  3. Great, good to hear. I wasn't sure the two standards were interchangeable.
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