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So I went out and bought the phenom x4 955 be to replace my athlon ii x2 250 today. Immediately I noticed a spike in temperature where my athlon would idle around 20*C and the phenom idles roughly around 30*C. Not a big deal but it's still a jump none the less. Also I've noticed that my video card (his radeon hd 6950 2gb) was running between 66*C and 70*C while I was playing Rift. Finally I was checking HWMonitor as I like to keep an eye on temps and such and noticed that my mainboard never dropped below 67*C during gameplay and sits at 61*C right now (30 min since I stopped playing).

I'm just wondering if these temps are within the normal operating range or if I should do something to upgrade the cooling. I have a Zalman aftermarket hs on the processor and 6 120mm fans blowing.

Thanks guys!
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