CPU fan going bad, what should RPM be?

My computer is suddently alot quieter and I think the CPU fan is the reason. Anyone know the proper RPM for Athlon 3000 Venice stock fan? Mine is running at 3245 currently.
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  1. That should be fine, especially if you aren't overclocking the cpu. You can use coretemp to monitor temps or some boards have their own windows monitoring software. 40-55c is a good range for summer.
  2. ok then its either the power supply or the graphics card. The power supply fan im not sure how to test. It doesnt feel like air is blowing much at all. Would that cause the system to freeze up a little bit? I wish I could remember which one which one was the loudest fan because thats the one thats failing and im having a tough time figuring it out.
  3. The video card fan usually makes the most noise. A good power supply will vary the fan speed according to the temp inside the ps. If your system is freezing up or you have artifacts on the screen, then the video card fan may be the problem.
  4. ok i think i have a spare pci one laying around I can test out. Since the GPU is reporting 70C at idle I tend to think your right. Another syptom is when I copy files to a flash drive its choppy. The speed used to be constant 5MB/sec and now its fluctuating alot. Not so sure the video card would cause that to be affected.
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