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P8Z68 Deluxe SATA 6GB won't boot SSD

Hi there; reading the Tom's article on SSD 3/6GB performance today, I realised that when I recently built my machine, I connected my Corsair Force Series GT180GB SATA III SSD to a 3GB connection on the P8Z68 Deluxe/Gen3 mobo. So this evening, I went in and connected it to a 6GB connector, and now I can't select it in the BIOS as the boot drive.

I see the WD storage drive in there, and I see the optical drive (both connected to 3GB sockets), but the SSD, which appears in the SATA6G_1 (grey) position in the SATA setup menu, cannot be selected.

I CAN use the boot override function to boot from the SSD.

(Aside: the situation is improved since I moved the 6GB connection from one of the navy blue connectors to the grey one. In the navy blue socket, I could also boot using the override, but it appeared in the device manager as a SCSI drive.)

The machine appears to be functioning normally when booted with the override, but obviously, I'd like to set the BIOS correctly.

Any advice is very welcome. Thanks.
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    In the bios there are two options for when you are selecting a boot drive. When tyou first click on the boot tab where the boot sequence is , it is listed at the top of the list just under that there is another line that has a list of hard drives and the ssd has to be selected as the first hdd there also.
    Did you enable AHCI before you loaded the OS?
    In case you haven't you may have to upgrade the firmware on the SSD because it does have issues with the Marvell controller. The firmware update can be done with the OS loaded and it will not affect it.
    So in the boot tab in the bios the SSD has to be listed first twice and there are known issues with the marvell controller which is the controller for the sata 3 ports.
  2. Bingo - Thank you!

    "Hard Drive BBS Priorities" - right where you said it was - it had to be set first in there. I hadn't looked in there for some reason and that was it.

    (AHCI has been on and I updated the firmware on the drive a while ago, fwiw)

    Many thanks.
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