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Gygabyte GA-MA790GPT-UD3H how to turn on crossfire

I just bought a HIS H467QR1GH Radeon HD 4670 and wanted to use onboard video card with this cars is this possible ?? if so then how can i activate the crossfire feature?
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  1. Hybrid crossfire is only usable with older lower end cards like the 3450, the integrated graphics are too weak to provide a notable performance boost to more powerful cards so its not possible to engage hybrid crossfire with them.
  2. Thanks so much for quick respond.
    If i buy another HIS card then how do i turn on this Hybrid crossfire feature?? and would that improve alot more for video editing and gamming??
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    If you are dealing with two cards, its normal crossfire, and you would need a second 4670 from any brand, not a second HIS card specifically.

    With 2 4670s it wont boost your gaming a ton, you would probably be better off selling of the other one and getting a single higher end card instead if you need more performance, it wont help at all for video editing, not all apps support crossfire and most things that use GPU acceleration dont.
  4. Thanks again for all the wonderfull info, I'll take your advise and get me a higher card.
    Thank You
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