Mobo or power switch?

A few weeks ago my pc started having problems. It would take me several tries before my pc turns on. After several days of this, now my pc wouldn't start anymore no matter how many tries I make. When I hit the pc power button, all the fans would spin (including the psu fan), the led in the mobo is on, the led light for the hard drive would flash, the dvd drive can eject but there is no POST or boot. First thing that entered my mind is faulty PSU or motherboard. But since the PSU is the oldest component in my pc (its an Antec True Power 550w), I decided to buy a new psu. I connected it to test the pc, but still the same condition. No post. Now I'm afraid it may be my motherboard (Asus M3N78) which is fairly new (at least to me, about less than 2 years old). Before I go on buying a new mobo (and probably new cpu and memory as well) I want to eliminate other possibilities as to the cause of the problem. I've read in some forums that in some cases it can be a faulty power switch in the pc case or dead CMOS battery. Does a broken pc power switch present these symptoms? All the fans are spinning (case, cpu, psu, vidcard), hard drive led is blinking, dvd drive can open and close. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

If it is really the mobo, what is the average lifespan of a mobo because that is awfully short for me.
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  1. Simple way to verify case power switch operation is to swap power with reset switch and try to boot with the reset switch. Then press the power switch to see if you can reset the computer with it.
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