I7-2600k vs i5-2500k Gaming + Fraps recording

Hi I've done a bit of reading and I've read that buying the 2500k would be enough if I was planning to simply have a dedicated gaming rig. I do however plan to do a lot of fraps recording while playing so would the 2500k cut it even if I were planning on playing on highest settings @ 1920x1080? I play BFBC2 and plan to play BF3 in the future.

Thank you very much.
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  1. The 2600K has hypertheading, andt runs at 100 MHz higher default clockspeed, albeit at a rather stiff 50% price premium over the 2500k. In gaming, the 2600 might oputperfrom the 2500k by a single frame per second, or less.

    The 2500K should be plenty for 99.9% of most folks needs. Where it is not, the 2600K is usually not a solution either.....
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