Asrock a75m-hvs

I bought two HTPC's recently and Ive ran into a bit of a hiccup. I put one in the bedroom and one in the living room & for some reason the one in the living room seems to have random bandwidth problems. My connection is 4MB/s Down and for the most part the one in the living room is at 4MB/s but then randomly wont go any higher then 100-125kbps and it'll be like that for an 1-2hours, then go back up to 4MB/s. Ive swapped out 2 routers/modems(btw all the other 4 PC/HTPC/Laptops work fine during this event) Ive changed the CAT5 cable out, reinstalled windows and drivers for lan but no luck! Ive looked online for answers but didn't come up with anything about this m/b with this specific problem.

Asrock A75m-hvs
Kingston Hyper X 4GB 1600
Apex HTPC case with 500W P/S

Like i said got two of em but the other doesn't have this problem and it's got duplicate windows and drivers on it!

Help would be appreciated!!!
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  1. Hey thanks for reply but i doubt its malware since i reinstalled windows 7 64 bit - 4 times now!
  2. Does not hurt to see that the PC is clean : )

    Maybe the NIC is going bad... Try new card and see.
  3. True doesnt hurt ... giving it a shot right now ! New M/B and 30 RMA just expired :( probably just get a New NIC ... Thanks for help !
  4. BTW, was this PC the one that was on the longest wire?

    Or they were all the same length?
  5. yeah it is on the longest wire... ran through that guide but didnt find anything wrong!
  6. close the thread ... just getting a nic card
  7. This topic has been closed by Mousemonkey
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