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1440x900 with ati 6870=overkill?

After reading many topics on the 1440x900 resolution monitors and gpus associated with it i am now very very undecided on what card is enough for me.
My budget is about 200-250max,cheaper the better. i would like to use dis card for about 4 years.
i would like to play crysis,metro 2033,black ops and any future games on max settings.
pls guide my.
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  1. It would be more or less an overkill. Why don't you buy a cheaper card to last you 2 years and then upgrade again? I can play most games at max settings @ 1920 x 1080 with my HD6850 so I bet a HD5770 will do for you. It'd be more helpful if you could list out your specs.
  2. Yeah even a 5770 is somewhat overkill for the 1600 by 900 monitor that I have. Just buy a cheaper card. Hell even a 5670 would suit you okay. But you should be fine with a 5750 or 5770. Or if you want to wait a 6770 or 6750 (I think thats called)
  3. I personally don't believe in any thing called overkill. What you consider overkill for today easily becomes minimum in a few months time.

    I personally have gtx 460 and same res that you have and its going well and i feel i am secure at this res for another 2 years. Games hardly take advantage of dx11 which gtx/HD offer and most games are ports of console games hence dx9. So its good if you buy this card at this time as it has future potential in it.

    do you see doom 3 at any resolution struggling to play on any modern card?
  5. i am actually upgrading my comp. my processor would be a i3-540, Kingston hyperx 4gb ddr3 1333mhz, thermal intake 600w psu. havnt decided on a motherboard. i have a current Hitachi 7200 160gb hdd
  6. Its not overkill. Some games , AA cranked up, high quality can make use of the the power.
    Also, a great upgrade is a new monitor. They are cheaper than ever, 23' 1080p for about 150-200 dollars is a rewarding investment.
  7. apache_lives said:

    do you see doom 3 at any resolution struggling to play on any modern card?

    i can't tell if you're joking or being serious...regardless, OP has listed some modern games, and resolution most certainly has an effect on performance for these games.

    For 1440x900 will be more than enough, but if you have the money to put into it, there is really no reason to go with a lesser card. You will still need the shader power regardless of resolution, and if you ever decide to get a new monitor then you will be kicking yourself if you didnt get the best card you could.

    As for whether you will be able to play those games listed on max settings, I'm pretty sure the 6870 will be just fine at 1440x900, but if you go up to 1920x1080, then you may find that even the 6870 will struggle on max settings for crysis and metro2033.
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    if you want 4/8xaa and all detail on then 6870 is not overkill for that res. Also you will be prepared for future games and/or a higher res monitor. Id suggest a gtx460 or 6850 though, both can be overclocked to near 6870 performance quite easily and will save you some money. Also get an sli or crossfire ready psu and motherboard for if you want to add another card down the track. I dont believe the 6870 is really worth it, and its not much of an overclock card. better off tracking down a cheap 5850, which is only a slight bit slower than 6870 but much cheaper
  9. If you stick with that monitor, get a 460 768mb, those are going for cheap right now.

    If you're going to upgrade your monitor later on, than a 6870 is a good choice too
  10. A GTX 460 768mb is the best choice if you want something that is overkill for low resolutions. Especially when overclocked it should handle anything at 1440x900 with ease for a long time to come. Here is a performance chart for a resolution very similar to yours;

    As you can see the GTX 460 768mb is only 17% slower than the HD6870 at low resolutions on average which is much smaller than the price difference. The GTX 460 also overclocks easily and well, usually 30% or more, which should cover the performance difference between it and a reference HD6870. This one is a good deal and has very effective and quiet cooling;
    You can spend $100 more on a HD6870 but it will only be useful in a select few games(ie crysis/metro 2033) if you really need to max out EVERY setting including AA and even the HD6870 may struggle then anyway. Personally I use an HD4770 at low resolutions. It is quite rare for me to run into any performance issues and the GTX 460 768mb should be about twice as powerful when overclocked.
  11. i'll hang around for some time and see if there are any new launches or will just go ahead with the 6850.
    thanks alot, you have all helped
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  13. I doubt anything new in this price/performance segment will be launched for a while.
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