Upgrade card? & antenna question

First off, I'll admit I'm not smart on wireless networking so please be gentle.

I'm buying a new laptop and was wondering if it is worth it to upgrade the wireless card from the stock one found in Clevo or Compal builds to the 6200 or 6300. Specifically I am looking to see if it would help out in this situation:

Very soon I will get an all expenses paid trip to the middle of the desert and get to live inside a metal can. The wireless signal is not strong enough to get inside the cans so everyone is buying antennas. Will upgrading the wireless card improve the ability/chance to receive the signal, and if so, will it improve signal strength. If the answer is yes, is the 6300 that much better or is it a wash when I won't be able to get huge transfer rates anyway?

If an antenna is going to be a necessity, which one is the best bang for my buck?

Thanks in advance for your answers.
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  1. anybody with knowledge on this?
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