Need 32GB Memory (4x8GB), 1333MHz, Single Ranked UDIMM

I want to buy a Dell T110 II (the II matters) and would like to purchase the disks and memory from another vendor to cheapen up the project. The memory option I want reads:

32GB Memory (4x8GB), 1333MHz, Single Ranked UDIMM [add $5,350.00]

From my experience ordering other upgrades from Dell, I bet I can kick this price's butt, but I cant find UDIMM, nor specs on the "T110 II"'s memory specs.

Can any of you RAM gurus advise?
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    Seems to indicate that they are unbuffered dimms, and can exist in ddr1/2/3 formats. I know that this doesn't help your question, but it does tell you that just knowing it is udimm is not enough, you also need to know the ddr rate.

    looking at this:

    it seems to indicate that the T110 II takes DDR3, with an intel C202 chipset, so the question then becomes what does the C202 chipset take?

    The UK site is listing that memory package as being at £2k so maybe $2.5K? They are Low Voltage DIMMs, although i'mnot sureif that is simply preferred or required. doesn't help, but an email to intel might.
  2. you might have to contact memory manufacturers like Kingston, Mushkin, or Crucial and see if they can design them for you.

    they all only list up to 4gb sticks which would give you a total of 16GB

    Your system supports DDR3 ECC unbuffered memory modules (UDIMMs).
    The DIMMs can be 1066 or 1333 MHz. Single and dual-rank DIMMs can be
    1066 or 1333 MHz.
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