SB X-FI Ti HD (No Sound) Please Help

Yesterday i replaced my SB X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Professional Serier 7.1 Sound Card which was working perfectly fine with the new Titanium HD, i did a fresh install of Windows 7 and deleted my partitions so started completely from scratch. Installed the drivers that it came with, had no sound at all. Updated the sound driver to the latest one 3.00.1004 and still no sound. I'm using the optical cable for 5.1 as i have no choice so i thought as i wasn't using opitical before maybe it doesn't work but then when i uninstalled the creative drivers windows installed it's own driver and i all of a sudden had sound, but it must have been using the onboard sound on my motherboard. Then i tried installing the latest Creative driver first instead of the one from the CD provided and still no sound. I spent 6 hours trying everything i could think of, on Creative's website it mentioned trying to change the frequenzy sampling rate to match your speakers, well i went through all of them in the settings and still no sound. I've even taken the sound card out and reinstalled it again, still no sound. I'm really lost and could appreciate some help. Do you think the sound card could be faulty?

In device Manager the sound card shows up so it is being reconised, also on the opitical at the back of the card it glows a red colour.

The specs of my machine are:

Logitech Z-500 5.1 Speakers

Windows 7 Home Premium (orignal not a copy!)

Gigabyte P67A-UD7

Intel i7 2600k 3.40Ghz

Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR PC3-15000C9 1866Mhz

ATI Radeon 6970

Also i've updated Windows 7, but to be honest i had no sound before the updates and no sound after installing all the updates and uninstalling the drivers and then reinstalling them. I feel like i'm a beaten man and it's so annoying, any advice PLEASE?
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  1. Interesting...make sure the card is the primary output device [check in the Windows Control Panel -> Audio section].

    Also remember, Optical can carry one of three formats: 2.0, Dolby Digital, DTS. For testing purposes, make sure Dolby/DTS encoding is off, and send only 2.0 signals to the speakers, with a sample rate of 48Khz. You can try other modes after you diagnose the optical connection.
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