UPS for Enermax PSU modu 82+ Active PFC 425W


I am sick of electricity failures ... so I've decided to buy a UPS
My PSU is: Enermax modu 82+ Active PFC 425W
I've heard that since it's Active PFC I can't use any UPS, only one with True sine wave (I don't have any knowledge in electricity)

Is it true that I can't use any UPS with this Enermax PSU ?
if so, which UPS can I buy and what parameters should I look for when searching for UPSs ?

Any other recommendation help will be great

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  1. The Cyberpower PFCLCD series use this sine wave technology compatible with active PFC PSUs. I have two (1500va and 1000va) and have tested them with two of my systems using the active PFC PSUs. They work without fail. They have decent software for managing shutdowns, the switchover threshold, and monitoring outages, surges, spikes, etc...

    For your wattage, you could pickup the 1000va model:

    CyberPower CP1000PFCLCD UPS 1000VA / 600W PFC compatible Pure sine wave -

    There is an 850va model that would be sufficient, though it's only $15 less. This is why I suggest the 1000va model. It will give you longer battery run time.

    One of the best things is the continuous power conditioning aspect of the product. You're always feeding your components good power with these things.
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