Will my PSU be able to Power a GTX570 or 580?


I have a CoolerMaster 750Watt PSU --Serial Number: RS-750-ACAA-A1 that I bought in the fall of 2007.

I was wondering is this enough to power a new GTX card? I'm running a Q6600 CPU OC'd to 3.0 on a 680i EVGA mobo, 8GB of Ram, a 750 and 500 GB HD, a DVD-RW, 6 fans and that's about it.

I was hoping to get a new GPU after i get my tax return, but I need to know if I need to save extra for a PSU as well.

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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    Your PSU provides 76A on 12v rails so it's fine for your system(with either GTX 570 or GTX 580)
  2. Awesome.

    Thank you so much.

    I'm leaning towards the 570 just to save money until I can afford a total computer overhaul. Either way it will be an upgrade over my 8800GTS 512, which has been just an amazing GPU but is showing it's age in some games (even wow on full settings oddly enough).
  3. No prob :)
    GTX 570 is a huge upgrade over 8800GTS 512,hope you enjoy it :)
  4. one quick follow-up I have an Antec 900 case. Is this thing big enough for the 570 or 580? The 8800 is a tight fit as it is.

  5. Maziar, you added the rails. The combined power is only 56A between the 4 of them but thats still more than enough to power a GTX 570 or GTX 580 easily.

    Not sure on the space issue. You may want to check how long you have from the hard drive bays to the back of the case and compare that to a length giving in a review. You may need to use a dremmel to fit it in there.
  6. If I only had a dremmel. If it won't fit this would give me an excuese to buy a full tower case, but I can't really afford more than just the card. I'm glad the PSU will still be powerful enough.

    I'll measure it out tonight. I think if I take out the plastic frame in the HD bay (it's not holding anything in that area) the card can kinda squeeze through there.

    I read the 8800GTS is about 9" and the

    GTX 570 measures in at 10.5".
    GTX580 looks to be around 11" for the ASUS

    Hmm that 1.5 - 2 inches could mean a lot.

    So some quick follow-up questions:

    Anyone have a preference for brand/model of either the 570 or 580, or for a Full tower case for that matter? For my last two GPU's I've gotten MSI. I've had zero issues with them in the time I've used them, although the 8800gts seems to be experiencing some screen tear in WoW but nothing so far in other games. I don't OC cards myself, but have no objection to buying manufacture oc'd cards. I also do some design and 3d modeling on the side.

    Thanks again.
  7. I personally prefer ASUS,EVGA and XFX.Other brands such as MSI,Gigabyte Etc. are also good.
    As for case,have a look at Cooler Master HAF 932
  8. My Gigabyte GTX 570 had no problems fitting into my Antec 300, so I would *assume* it would fit in a 900. Then I moved into a Corsair 600 graphite, and my pc couldn't be happier! :D BTW if you haven't had problems with MSI, then stick with them I would say. I am a Gigabyte fan, so they always get my $$$.
  9. I really like the Haf 932. Which version would you suggest? The all black edition that doesn't have the side fan but has things like a GPU shroud, and an SSD thing, or the older version with the gray interior and side panel fan?
  10. There are 2 models of HAF 932
    1_The original HAF 932
    2_The AMD edition
    Aside from the design,there aren't any differences between them.
  11. you only need a 460. your CPU will be bottle for any graphic card better than 450. even 460 is some kind wast if you are not going to replace mob and CPU
  12. When you say bottleneck, what exactly occurs? Will I actually suffer worse performance, will the computer not work properly?

    Also the two versions of the Haf 932 I'm referring to are these:

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811119213&cm_re=haf_932-_-11-119-213-_-Product --This is the older one with the side fan

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811119230&cm_re=haf_932-_-11-119-230-_-Product -- This it the newer one that is all black on the inside and no side fan. It is also similar to the AMD red case (watch video for comparison).
  13. CPU bottleneck doesn't let your VGA show its full potential.
    As for the case, The first model isn't listed in the coolermaster's website so that's the reason I first thought there are only 2 models of it.
    I have the one with the side fan and it's great :)
  14. well that's ok, i think the 570 would still be good and be an upgrade. i like the version with the side fan too. I'm glad you like it. It looks awesome.
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