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Will it fit?

i'm trying to upgrade my graphic card, i have an hp 6234f model comp. i realize that the power source will need to be upgraded too. the items i'm looking at are:
will this combo work on my exsisting unit? i'm new to the whole upgrading parts, and could use some tips.
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    First off, the SE of the GTX460 is not a good buy at all. It's a crippled GTX460 and you can get better performance for a meager increase in price.

    Second, this powersupply linked below is much better.

    Make sure to glance over these:

    Take a tape measure and determine how much space you have between the PCI-Express slot (the front), and the hard drive cage.
  2. thank you for your response to my question. your second link isn't working for me. i will take the mesurements tonight and look into the graphic card choices more. my first choice was the gtx460 hawk but i was concerned about the bulk.
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