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6850 Issues

I have recently built 2 brand new gaming systems with the specs listed below. They each have the EXACT same software, and the exact same issues.

The Systems

I7 950 quad core 3.06g
ASUS X58 Sabertooth MOBO
ASUS Radeon 6850 1gb PCIe
G.skill 2 x 6 gb (12GB)
Western D Caviar Black 1tb SATA 6gb/s
Cougar 950 Power Supply
Windows 7 Ulitmate 64bit

The primary game played on these computers is World of Warcraft. Yes, Yes I know the system is way over built to handle WOW. However on mine I also play FPS alot and I have a 3rd 6850 I plan on using in a Xfire set up after I fix this issue. (Gotta keep the wife happy first).

The issue is even with the graphics turned down to the LOW setting (something my old Radeon 9600XT could run with ease, when you turn the camera...its like it stutters. Drops from 120 FPS down to 2 FPS in a matter of seconds, just turning the camera. I have the latest 10.12 Catayst driver installed, but even according to the ATI website the 6850/6870 isnt really supported yet and wont be until the 10.13 drivers are released.

If you have ANY ideas on what is going on, please let me know. I have always been a hardware guy, never software.

Various solutions offered thus far:

1. Yes it is a fresh install of Windows
2. Clean format on both drives (Both were brand new HDs)
3. Deleted and Reinstalled WOW - twice now once from the DL from and once throuhg the disks)
4. Swapped out the brand new 6850 in box with mine..same issues
5. The guys at ASUS think it is software, but we RMA'd 1 board...same issue with the new X58 as well
6. Dual monitors were hooked up on both computers, since disabled. I connect via HDMI, she uses the DVI-D
7. Yes, Both versions of windows are registered (As are all the ASUS components)
8. Bios on MOBO is the latest available
9. Drivers are up to date 10.12 catalyst
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  1. Have you tried clocking the cards slightly? That's the only thing I can think of..I haven't had any issues with my ASUS 6850 at all.
  2. I have not OC'd anything in either of these systems. The 6850 was specificially chosen so I would not have to OC anything for my wife's computer. I do plan on OC mine once I solve this issue and get the other 6850 installed into a Xfire array.
  3. I'm saying to try overclocking the card, see if that fixes anything. The only thing I can think of is that the card are stuck in 2D idea how that could have happened.
  4. Overclocked my card slightly using the ASUS Smart Doctor app. Didnt change the stuttering issue, still does that. Did help load times though. I am just so confused on this that I dont know what to do :(
  5. Best answer
    Are you running ASUS GamerOSD?
  6. I was...killed it in my trying to simplify the problems by simplifying was was running. :( STill have the same stuttering problem.
  7. Do me a favor.

    Download MSI Afterburner.
    In the section of the program with all of the graphs, expand it so it shows every graph.
    Run a game.
    Screenshot the graphs (at least 5 minutes of gaming, please).

    Thank you!

    A picture like this;

    Just expand it so we can see every graph.
  8. 5 minutes of stuttering around Stormwind in WoW on my wife's computer....

  9. Can you correlate the GPU Usage drops to your stuttering?
  10. Unfortunatly, I did not, but will play around more today as I have more time.
  11. After monitoring it more closely...yes, the stuttering occurs when the GPU usage drops. IS there a fix for that?
  12. Not sure..try right-clicking the game.exe in task manager and increasing the priority to 'Real-Time'.
  13. I set the launcher to high and the wow.exe to realtime. No change, if anything it is alittle worse.
  14. Anyone else have any suggestions? I seem to have worn poor Shadow out of ideas :(
  15. After fiddling around with a few other games, I have found the following

    LOTRO = works wonderfully, even cranked up to the best, it didnt even stutter.
    Navyfield = Again, Works wonderfully (granted its not that intensive, but alot better then my old 9600xt)
    Everquest = Only stuttered on startup, then flawlessly
    WoW = still have the same issues. I am really stumped here...does ANYONE have any ideas? Please?
  16. Use the Catalyst 10.10e hotfix drivers. They'll probably be your best bet for a Radeon HD6850 until 11.1 comes out.

    Another option is to give the Von Dach - Von Modded driver setup a try, which in general seems to give me great performance for SC2 and FFXIV
  17. Thank you everyone for trying to help with this.

    I took one of my comps to a friend of mine who run an IT dept. (cant beat his a beer and a Xbox day). He figured out that the initial problem started with WoW and ASUS Gamer OSD.

    Even though Gamer OSD was removed from the system, it apparently leaves behind a little bit that WoW doesnt like thereby causing a hesitation between the hardward and what the software is trying to make it do.

    The solution was to wipe the HDD and never install OSD. If we just installed windows (and all drivers) then OSD, then WoW we got the same issue. Removing OSD, made it alittle better, but nothing beat the fps without ever installing OSD. Its amazing how clear and gorgeous things are at ultra setting.

    The latest Catalyst drivers work great and I am up to 90+ FPS on WoW and higher in a few other games.

    Thank you everyone for trying to solve this, I do apprieciate it.
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