Help: 4gb installed RAM, 2gb useable

Hi all,

I'm having some issue with my system memory and am not sure if it has always been like this. I just noticed it a few nights ago when I tried some photoshop work.

When I right click My Computer, it'll tell me 4 gb installed memory (1.99 useable).
More of the same when I check task manager, ~2000 total.

I've snooped around the forums a bit and some people thought it might be some bent CPU contacts on the motherboard (MSi P55CD53 paired with an i7-870). So I reseated the CPU and checked for bent pins. Nothing.

I'm hoping that maybe one of my RAM modules is faulty and not the CPU itself.

Is it possible for a RAM module (OCZ DDR3 PC310666 Gold Edition) to be faulty where the motherboard and CPU recognize it, but doesn't actually, you know, provide any memory?

I've ordered 2 more ram modules to swap in and try. They're shipped tomorrow.

Any other thoughts on how I can remedy this? Thanks everyone!
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  1. Forgot to mention that I am running Win7 x64
  2. Check what it says in the BIOS. If that says 4 GB, check Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> System Configuration -> Boot tab -> Advanced options -> up the top there is an option to limit the memory use -> check that "Maximum memory" is unchecked.
  3. BIOS says 4gb, and that maximum memory box is unchecked :(
  4. What happens if you have only one memory module installed?
  5. So, I just installed 2x4gb modules in the remaining dimm slots and windows is reporting 12gb installed, 5.99 useable. BIOS detects 12gb as well :/
  6. Hey,

    I'm actually having the same problem with my motherboard. I have 12gigs of RAM but my mobo and Win7 x64 are reporting 7.99/8GB. I know my problem is that my 1366 slot has some bent pins because my watercooling coolant leaked onto my motherboard and I took the cheap and actually better route of using an air cooler, so with that said I had put new thermal paste on my CPU and it got on the hinges of the mobo that keep it in the socket. I had taken a micro fiber cloth with supreme caution on my finger tip but low and behold a damn thread got snagged on a few pins. I'm hoping this is my problem because I thought my RAM had failed and immediately bought 12GBs of Mushkin Redline and still the problem persisted. Just wanted to state my story.

    Other fixes I have found are reseat and exchange each module if you haven't already. Also make sure it isn't your motherboard. Check each stick of RAM individually and test every slot. I did this and finally came to the conclusion that for some reason my middle slot is faulty. My computer won't even post with it in there. I does however past POST with a stick in either the first or 3rd slot. So again do these things. I've read in other forums that this has helped just simply reseating them and resetting your BIOS. Hope this can help, as I don't want you to suffer what I have so far.
  7. Yes, try the modules one at a time, and also try them in the different slots. My guess is that one channel isn't working correctly, seeing one half isn't available.
  8. yes that might be the case please do check that and see if it is, if not we will try to snoop around to help you out
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