Is it possible.

To start, this idea has formulated with my wife enjoying watching TV while also working/gaming on her PC. Due to limited space after a recent move, we no longer have the space to keep a TV near the computers. I have been researching/reading a lot on modding cases etc... So my plan was to mount a monitor with TV tuner to the side of her PC case. Monitor/TVexample:

using the technique from this article:

Or there is another article on actually taking the monitor apart and cutting the side of your case etc... but i can't find that one at the moment.

The question i have, is it even possible watch TV and game (WOW, EQ2, etc...) at the same time using your PC's video card? This is the video card currently in the system:

Thank you for your advice and thoughts
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  1. Never tried this (I have a laptop and desktop, so solution is normally to put TV on the other), however I would assume that with your normal multi monitor setup it should work, provided that the graphics card is powerful enough (although I guess it also depends on how well it load balances, eg having the game run at 150fps while making the video lag is likly not what you had in mind, as I said never tried having my graphics card multi task anything intensive). The other option is to just have 2 discrete video cards, you could use a much cheaper one for the TV dedicated monitor, and I dont think games or anything else on the other screen can really interfere.
  2. that should work the hd5770 is a good card i would say however it would probably have trouble running a intense game like bad company 2 on high while doing tv on the other screen. i have a gts250 which is slightly less the the hd5770 and it would have problems doing what i just said. however if your not planning to max graphics out and or your playing lighter games or working you should be fine with that card

    as far as mounting the monitor i dont know anything about it but from what you posted it looks like it should work
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