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I'm trying to set a guy up who has a touchsmart pc in his trailer that he uses for his drag cars. The NHRA broadcasts track conditions on their website, and they have a few more specific applications that they need to connect that pc to the internet. SInce they are parked in the middle of the grass somewhere usually, there is no access to any wireless networks, so they have to use the Verizon/AT&T air cards to connect to the internet.

The problem is that the air card doesn't pick up a signal inside the trailer, but when we put a usb extender on the air card and walked outside with the card, we got 5 bars of signal. We're thinking that if there is a device that we can hook up to the outside of the trailer and route to the inside to amplify the signal, we can get the internet working inside the trailer. Does anyone have any suggestions for such a device?
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  1. Inside the mobile home that is attached to this trailer, we actually have a wireless network set up with a verizon and AT&T air card through a router designed for those aircards. The problem still stands that the computer itself can't connect with the router because of the way the trailer is built.
  2. Anyone got any suggestions?
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