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LG W2261VP Monitor and ScanLines


I have recently bought a LG “W2261VP” monitor and have noticed something strange.
When in games with lots of action, I get what I can only describe as “Scan Lines” going down the screen (see photos). So far I thought this was just the way this monitors works being only 60hz.
As in the past I have had only 70hz+ monitors. But when I alt-tabed out of Bio-Shock I noticed that it disappeared.

Is something wrong with my monitor?
Have anyone else seen this issues and does it have a name so I can Google it?

All the games are the set to the native 1080 resolution
GPU is an Nvidia GTX 460 (non sli)
Connected via DVI to DVI

Strange Scan lines:

After Alt Tab:
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    This is known as tearing.

    This even happened with CRT's at higher Hz too, but a lot of the reasons you see tearing is just a matter of how the FPS and hz sync up, so sometimes it's not as visible.

    To fix your issue, you need to turn on V-sync/Vertical Sync or what ever they call it in the games you are having this issue in. If the game it self doesn't have that option, you can force it on in your graphic cards control panel.

    You will want to turn on Triple-buffering along with V-sync to prevent from losing a lot of FPS on games that aren't able to maintain over 60 FPS.
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  3. Cheers bystander.

    I've never come across this before, but enabling or forcing V-Sync seems to fix the line issue.

    So what is causing this "Tearing" I have a pretty decent GPU (Nvidia GTX 460) and Processor (i7 930) ?
  4. It happens when the monitor updates the image from a frame buffer at the same time the video card is updating the frame buffer. You end up with 2+ frames being fused together.

    V-sync prevents the video card from updating the frame buffer while the monitor is updating it's image.

    Triple buffering creates 3 frame buffers so that the video card can continue to update the frames by using one that the monitor is currently not using.
  5. Aha! Mystery solved.

    So Its down to the monitor then and nothing I can do about it. (Apart from V-Sync)

    Still feels rather strange being locked to 60fps, I know I wont be able to see any difference it's just a placebo effect :)
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