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Will this power supply work with my graphics card?

Hey! I got this PC recently and would like to get a graphics card as I'm interested in gaming. So I already have a Thermaltake TR2 450W power supply and am going to get a graphics card. I want to get the nVidia GTX 460 (gigabyte) or the AMD Radeon HD 6850 (gigabyte) and would like your advice on which 1 will suit the power supply best.

THANKS in advance! :)
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    Both'll work perfectly fine as long as you don't have a highly overclocked high-end processor

  2. i just have an AMD Atholl II X4 640 it should work right?
    and I was also confused as to whether I should get the Gigabyte cards because I saw in Newegg's reviews that they don't last long?
  3. You are gonna be more than fine with this setup.

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