Razer Mouse Problem Related to Build?

Hey guys,

I have used a Razer Naga with the build in my signature for about 6 months now, and now it's no longer working but for no apparent reason.

Here's what happened:
-Turned on PC, mouse and Saitek keyboard did not light up (both backlit) or respond; restarted.
-Keyboard lit up and was functional; Naga lit up, but could not move cursor, mouse buttons still worked (tested with right click). Tried firmware updaters to no avail.
-Switched to all USB ports, but got the same results. Naga acts the same when plugged into my Mac.
-Used a Razer DeathAdder that I have, and it worked in every USB port. Installed drivers and restarted.
-DeathAdder worked for ~15 minutes, but then died. It is non-responsive entirely on both my PC and Mac.

Could this be a problem related to my computer, or did I just happen to have two mice that happened to die? I might get the Cyborg RAT if it turns out to be defective.

Thanks for any potential suggestions.
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    Only thing that comes to my mind is drivers or registry issues.
    I'd try by uninstalling all of your razer drivers and starting from scratch maybe?

    On an unrelated side note, how is your EarthWatts 650W power supply doing? That would seem to be pretty stressed by 930 chip and 2 GTX 470's. If that's running fine then there are a lot of people I've been steering towards 850 power supplies that could probably fit a quality 650.
  2. I did try reinstalling drivers for both mice. Unfortunately, I can't get to my registry cleaner because I have no more mice! (Ironic, huh?).
    I went ahead and bought a Cyborg RAT 5, A) because I need a gaming mouse, and B) I've always wanted to try one, with all of the adjustable features. It wasn't too expensive; only $56 on Amazon and I get it Monday.

    My Antec EA650W is working well *knock on wood*. The reason it was able to support my system is because it's rated for 650W continuous power output, as opposed to most other power supplies that have a 650W max output which only means they are putting out ~520-560 depending on the 80+ rating.

    According to NVidia, the 470s draw 215W max, and I figure the CPU draws about 200W, so that's about 650W consumed. A quality 850W continuous PSU like the Corsair 850HX can handle 3 470s and a i7-930/950; that's what I plan to upgrade to when I can get a 3rd 470.

    I was actually wondering if my PSU was affecting my USB ports somehow, but I haven't experienced any symptoms of PSU deterioration *knock on wood, again*.
  3. boiler1990 said:
    I did try reinstalling drivers for both mice. Unfortunately, I can't get to my registry cleaner because I have no more mice!

    Yeah, I've had that happen where my only way to navigate around was with keyboard.
    It's amazing how much you can do without a mouse just using Alt key to get to menus, tab to highlight different selections, spacebar = left click and the context menu button I think it's called (as seen below) = right click.

    Definitely a pain though.
    I've been fighting off the urge to get that RAT 9 (wireless version), but I think it's a losing battle, at some point I'll give in and get it.
    I need wireless for my setup, and no one else (that I know of) has anything close to that Precision Aim Mode.
  4. I've been trying to navigate without the mouse, but it sure is a pain. Might give it a shot tomorrow when I have more time.

    What are the differences between all of the RAT mice anyway? I couldn't find a chart, and it seems like they're all the same except for the wireless RAT 9.
  5. Well, got my RAT 5 today, and figured out that the difference between the 5 and the 7 is that the 7 has the adjustable thumb rest. Would've been nice, but it wasn't worth the extra 20. Don't know why I didn't use this mouse before - the aluminum construction makes my Razers feel like crap.

    Ran my registry cleaner and uninstalled the old drivers, so hopefully I won't be killing any more mice. Still don't know what was wrong with the other mice (they are completely stuck with their issues - can't get them to work on any computer), but I don't care as long as my RAT works.

    I still have my receipt for the Naga (unfortunately not the DeathAdder), so I'll just RMA and sell the replacement to pay for the RAT.
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