Will this be a ok set up?

ok so i have a old ibm thinkcenter the is running a pentium 4 at 2.6ghz. I plan to use this pc as a media center pc. i was thinking i would get a low end HD3000 series card (HD3450 i was thinking) and get a cheep bluray drive. i am thinking this would work however i would like a second opinion.

the pc is going to be running a 1080 tv and i would like to do a hdmi hook up. im not looking to do any gaming or anything like that (i have my custom pc for that ;) ) i just would like to be able to stream and play hd video from a drive and the other pc's in my house. so that is what i would like to do with it it worked on my old tv (it was sd) but the pro old ati 9600 is a little slow for the new tv.

If you guys have any other ideas for a gpu other than the 3000 series or if you dont think this will work at all just tell me. i was just thinking i could get away with a media center pc for under 100$ :) so if you dont think it will work ill just wait a bit and then build my own pc to do the job.

oh and btw the gpu has to be a agp card... just to make it harder
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  1. After reading this over it is not the clearest thing ever...

    So this is what i am asking what is a cheep Agp gpu that can run hd video over hdmi

    And will the cpu be to slow to run hd video
  2. bump... come on i thought this would be a ez question lol
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