X2 gtx 460 on a p5n-d 750i in sli

I am considering purchasing a p5n-d 750i to SLI my x2 gpus (gtx 460).
My previous mb just lost its ability to recognize its second pci-e slot so I'm stuck with a graphics card I cannot use.

My question is - looking at the pics from newegg will the x2 gpu's even fit into the two pci-e slots and leave room for my x1 pci creative sound card as well.

I don't want to spend over 100 bucks and im not ready to upgrade to a different socket yet.

My sys specs are below;

q-6600 cpu
asus p5n32e-sli 650i current board with dead 2nd pci-e slot
4gb corsair ddr2800
hyper 212 plus
x2 gtx 460 hawk
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  1. To me it looks they will all fit. They seem to all have extra space between them, and you can use the lower PCI slot for your sound card.
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