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Im curious I have a Intel 2.8 LGA, 2 Radeon 5770 running in Crossfire and 2 megs of ram. I play Black Ops at 1600x1200 everything on high and it runs smooth. With all these faster video cards and processors why should I upgrade. Am I missing out on some visual affects that I dont know of. The game looks great. I apreciate any input.
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  1. Intel 2.8 isn't a CPU...but yea, black ops is not a resource intensive game. It's designed to run on 4 year old hardware aka consoles.

    Console industry unfortunately holds gaming back in general. If you want to see what a full DX11 game could look like, go take a look at the Heaven 2.0 benchmark.

    I'd link a 1080p one, but your monitor won't display it, so watch this one in 720p I guess.
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