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I recently built my new computer over the weekend. I have been having this problem where the Graphics Card is powered, but no video was being displayed. At first I thought it might have been the graphics card, so I borrowed my friends GTS 250 and it was the same problem. I am beginning to think that it is the PCI Express slot on the motherboard. I can still RMA it back to Newegg. If anyone of you have had this problem, please let me know what you did to resolve it.

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  1. What are the rest of the specs of the system? Go through our boot checklist as well
  2. 2.8GHz Quad Core (AMD)
    GTS 250 (Nvidia)
    6 Gigs of Ram (DDR2 667)
    750GB HDD
  3. If the card randomly works in the PCI-E slot, and works consistently in another computer, and a new video card exhibits the same problem, it's definitely not the video card. Check your power connections to the video card and reset your CMOS by removing system power and removing the battery. I once saw an Asus board with a bad PCI-E slot do exactly what you're describing. Some boots it would show video to the card, some boots it would completely ignore the card and revert back to onboard video (the card would disappear when in Windows device manager completely).
  4. Ok a couple of things.

    1) do you get a BEEP code? If it's just the PCI-E slot then you should get a no video beep code if you try to boot it without a video card.

    2) Did you make sure that your CPU is supported with your motherboards intial BIOS? If your board does not support your exact CPU with it's shipping BIOS it may refuse to POST.

    3) Did you properly install the main power connector AND the 4-pin CPU power connector? Seriously just make sure they are in all the way. Sometimes it's just that simple
  5. I have a am2+ socket cpu, that is on a am3/am2+/am2 motherboard. I can't boot it without a graphics card because it has no onboard video. I didn't hear any beeps and both connections are made to motherboard.
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