PC shuts down while playing games


I got the gtx 590 a few days ago along with triple hd monitors. When i play games like Crysis 2 or GTA IV on 3 monitors, my computer shuts down by itself. I am running an 850w psu, I thought that was sufficient for the 590 under load. GTA IV also freezes on high settings.

Processor: i7 2600k
psu: cooler master silent pro 850w
Graphics: Asus GTX 590

I'm on the latest drivers.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Unplug all power cables.
    Pull out 590 from the motherboard and blow some air on the PCI slot from your moputh.
    Put it back on.

    See what happens.

    Also, are your drivers up to date?

  2. I installed it yesterday, I did that, same problem. Drivers are up to date, released yesterday.
  3. It shouldn't behave like this.
    Do you have a spare card? Just to check your PSU is fine
  4. Symptoms match inadequate power from PSU.
  5. Ok, now that shutting down by itself doesn't happen anymore because a power cable was slightly unplugged. GTA IV and Crysis 2, even on the lowest settings, causes a system crash and an endless audio loop. The gpu does whir a bit, but temps don't seem to exceed 70 something degrees even under load. THe card is in a cooler master haf x!! This shouldn't be happening. Crysis 2 in windowed mode still freezes... Hard drive is defragged, crysis 2 runs off my ssd.
  6. Did you do a new driver install? Uninstall the old drivers first?
  7. I did :P But what I want to know is that my GTX 590 came with a power splitter cord thing with yellow and brown cables. Should I use this? How exactly should I hook up my GTX 590?
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