Dell Inspiron 530 Graphics Card Upgrade

I bought a 530s oh 2years ago and Now that world of warcraft cata has released im having grapghics/video lag in 25 man raids. Iv read all the post from a few years ago

I REally just want to buy another case and powersuply and be on my way. but the only problem is im not that pc savy to know how it all comes a part!! And back togeather can you guys link a diagram or step by step that i could look at on my laptop and fix it that way?
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  1. yeah,
    Buy the Graphics card of your choice by taking a look at various benchmarks on the internet. I would try to find benchmarks that were done using WOW: Cata.

    Then when you get that card read the box. It will reccomend a Wattage for your power supply and possibly a min Amperage rating on the 12V line. Generally a 600 Watt Power supply can power just about any video card.

    Type in "How to install a power supply" into google and watch 1 or 2 videos (On YouTube) showing you step by step how it's done.

    Then do the same thing for the phrase "How to install a video card".

    I'm certain you will find some step by step guides to installing your new power supply and video card. Good Luck, and remember we are here if you have any problems or questions.
  2. Whatever you do, don't buy a "600W" PSU because it is cheap; you'll likely get a liar-labeled 400W unit that will burn under load, possibly taking other parts of your PC with it.
    A quality modern PSU has full range active PFC (no little voltage switch) and 80+ certification. There's a great deal right now on the 650W Antec Earthwatts for $70, or $55 if you play the rebate game and win:
  3. I agree with jtt283
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