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Hey guys i have a intel core I3 sandy bridge processor. I've tried installing the cpu cooler on my motherboard and can only get 3 of the plastic pins in the motherboard. The fourth one won't go in so i removed it and i looked at it. There is a black plastic piece in all 4 of the pins but the pin that won't go in the motherboard is sticking out. Is this a defect or did i mess it up? How can i fix it or is it supposed to be like that?
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  1. Without seeing it I really cant help you.

    You didnt turn the pins before you pressed them in did you? If so, you may need to turn them back like they were, then firmly press them in 1 by 1 in a cross patern.

    What I mean is don't press them in a circular motion but press one in, then press in the one directly across from the first one you did, then repeat. You should hear each one pop in and you can see it sticking out the back of the motherboard.

    Are you trying to install it with the mobo in the case or out of the case?
  2. Push pin connections suck, do your self a favour and spend £20 and get a Hyper21+ if you have around 155mm from cpu to case side panel clearence.
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    I've installed a few of the stock coolers on the i3's.

    How hard are you pressing and are you doing it in the cross pattern. Ex. Top Left then bottom right, then Top Right, bottom left.

    It will require a bit more pressure than you would think. The first time I instaled one on a new build I thought everything was ok and closed up the case and everything. Then when I fired up the build the temps were about 80c idle. So I opened it back up and looked, and one of the four pins wasn't secure.
  4. Thx guys, i didn't put enough pressure putting them in. I got them all in now.
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  6. Fantastic! I'm glad to hear it worked out and it wasn't a faulty stock heatsink (I've had those as well).
  7. I said the same thing. Guess he didn't like my answer lol
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