New Build, Hard drive not recognized and wont post

This is my first build.

MSI 870-G45 Mobo,
AMD Phenom II x4 965 proc
Radeon 5770 graphics card
RaidMax RX-530 power supply
1TB Hitachi HDD

I got everything installed and power is running to everything. When I boot up I get a video signal and the grphics card logo pops up but the screen then goes black with just a cursor. The hard drive sounds like its clicking and there is a beep coming from the drive. It does not post and I'm not able to get into Bios

I've tried putting in my windows 7 disc and it will run and begin installing but it doesnt find a drive to install on.

Any suggestions? Am i missing a step or is something wrong in the box?
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  1. Go through the no post thread in the sticky, link in my sig.

    Let us know how the tests in the post go. It could just be that you have a bad HD.
  2. I went through everything and it all seems to be working correctly so I grabbed a drive from an old laptop. Sure enough it is recognized and will let me install the OS on it.

    Just to make sure I ask, I bought a "Bare" hard drive from there anything special I would need to know for that? I dont see any drivers for it on Hitachi's website but I want to make sure this is a bad drive and not just me being a moron.
  3. Bare drives need to be formatted before use. However, when booting off a win 7 install disk, it should recognize the drive and ask you to format it.

    If it were win XP, you'd have to install SATA drivers via floppy or bootable USB first to recognize a SATA drive.
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