Tegra 3 equivelent of older gaming desktop?

How's it going everyone? I was wondering if anyone here might have any input as to which of the older gaming desktop cpu and video card set ups that Nvidias Tergra 3 equals? So far I think it can compare to an Athlon XP 2200 with a GeForce 6600. Do you think the Tegra 3 would blow that set up out of the water? What would be considered the desktop equivelent of the Tegra 3? And yes I know it is an ARM cpu. Thanks and I hope to get some feedback on this.
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  1. Tegra 2 is supposedly as fast as a low end Core 2 - according to nVidia. And Tegra 3 (Kal-El quad core) is supposedly 5 times faster. So yes it could KILL an AthlonXP.
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