ABIT AT8 32x Series Error 83

I have just hooked up my mother board and plugged it into the wall. When I tun on the machine it is giving me an error 83: Save all data in stack to CMOS. I was wondering if anyone could help. I check all the wiring and tried clearing the CMOS, no go. Any help would be appreciated.

My motherboard is an ABIT AT8 32X.
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    Do you have the owners manual for the motherboard?
  2. inzone said:
    Do you have the owners manual for the motherboard?

    Yes I do. I looked in the manual and that was all I could find about the issue. What I did was unplug everything from the mobo and start it. Then I would shut down and plug one thing in at a time. The issue appears to be with a bad FP-1394-1 plug on the board. When I stopped using it, that error went away and allowed me to boot. It boots with a bad cmos error; however, it will still run. Thank you for the help.
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