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Audio device not working on MSU P6N

Hi there, I recently put a fresh install of Windows XP Pro (updated to SP3) on my parents PC (my old build). For some reason, the audio devices won't work on the MSI P6N SLI-FI LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 650i SLI ATX Intel Motherboard. I've tried updating the drivers several times through Live Update 5, but to no avail. Any suggestions?
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  1. What are the audio devices and where are you plugging them in? Do you have all the motherboard device drivers installed and enabled in the bios?
  2. First we tried a pair of Dell speakers, then bought a new set of logitech speakers. I go into device manager and the yellow question mark pops up next to the onboard audio. I try to fix automatically, and it says that it cannot find the drivers. I downloaded LiveUpdate5 from the MSI site and tried updating the drivers through there, but everytime it uninstalls the previous versions and reinstalls after a startup, I still don't have audio. The most frustrating part is I had the same hardware set up at my house and it was just fine. I move it and do a fresh install of windows and the audio is gone.

    One more note, I'm sure it is the Mobo and not the ports, as both the back and front ports do not work.
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    Do you have the MB cd that came with the MB?
  4. Yes, I'll try reinstalling the original drivers next, rather than the most recent ones.
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  6. Yep, reinstalling the original drivers got the audio ports working.
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