First time builder. Need help!!

Hello everybody, I am currently building a gaming PC with a budget of $700-750 tops. I tried to pick out my parts on Newegg and this is what I got so far:

Open for criticism and advice :D!

Oh yeah! my aim is to be able to nicely play Battle Field: Bad Company 2 on so on and so forth.
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  1. By the way guys, I am no computer gizmo :O!
    So if this build doesn't make sense or something is wrong with it.. tell me what are you doing man?!
  2. ok, Samsung F3 1 TB drive. ist $5 cheaper, faster, and more space.

    nothing wrong with the 460, but I'd suggest changing to a HD6850 for later Crossfire, basically the same price:

    Even though its not in a combo, getting this motherboard saves a ton of money, which still allowing crossfire (8x/8x is good enough compared to 16x/16x):

    get the 955 instead of the 965. increment one number in the bios, and the 955 is a 965.

    Get this PSU, even though its not in a combo, saves a ton of money and can handle crossfired 6850s

    and then this DDR3-1600 RAM:
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