Hello all I'm in the process of assembling my first PC and I'm stuck. The manual, if you can call a piece of paper with a handful of paragraphs a manual, says that I basically make sure the power is not connected, then open the side panel, remove the old GPU if there is one to remove, slot the graphics card into the PCI-e slot, secure, replace side cover and your done. BUT, there are some sockets on the back that I want to check out with you lovely ladies and gents. OK so there are three v-check points on the back, which I assume are only used when attaching some sort of meter. But there are also two power connectors on the back, and I just need to check whether i'm supposed to connect these to the PSU or not. I know it's a stupid question but I have never done this before and can't seem to find a straight answer to this question.
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  1. Yes, power connectors on the card need to be hooked up. Card won't run without them. And can actually be damaged if you try to.
  2. MSI GTX 460 Talon Hawk GPU

    Those two black 6-pin sockets are the power connectors. If your power supply has two PCI-E 6-pin power connectors plug them in there. Not doing so will prevent your video card (and computer) from functioning. If your power supply does not have these connectors, you may be able to obtain a Molex (straight, 4-pins) to PCI-E adaptor (these sometimes come with video cards).

  3. Thank you very much. I connected them to the power with the adapers and I did think it was strange I that I'd need them when I already had then PCI-e power connectors. I will connect them directly to the PSU now. :)
  4. What PCI-e power connectors are you talking about? Do you mean the secondary power on the motherboard?

    The reason you need the extra power to the card directly is that the PCI-e spec does not send a large amount of power through it to run a card. The higher-end cards need more power, so you need to supply it to them externally.
  5. Sorry I meant that I have a few spare cables on my PSU, they black six pin socket type that are pictured in the photograph above. Is there any difference performance wise using either the adapter or connecting the card directly to the GPU, I would have assumed a direct connection would trump a connector, but then I'm using the adapters that came with the 460 so they must be up to spec right, or are they just throwaway connectors just to get you started like the bundled cables with DVD and CD players?.
  6. No difference, the PSU cables would be neater. If you have those connectors on the PSU cables, use those instead of the adapters. Those adapters are for permanent use.
  7. Thanks, if theres no difference I will leave them on and spare back, picking up the case from the awkward place I have it in now. The case hasn't got a window or anything so it dosen't matter to me if they're in there. Knowing me I'd only lose them if I took them off!. At least that way I know where they are if I should need them for something else one day.

    Gotta go find a thread about a Corsair H70, power cable socket connector now!. :sweat:
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