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Hi so im building my first gaming computer and i got the i5 2500k Sandy Bridge as my processor and it came with a cpu cooling. I just installed the cooling on top of the processor, and after doing some research it turns out I have to put some thermal past on the processor before I put on the cooler, however the i5 2500k sandy bridge box did not come with any thermal past with the default cooling, so im just wondering if thats gonna be a problem? Or if the cooling in the box already came with thermal paste on it
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  1. Yes most (if not all) intel stock CPU heatsinks will come with the thermal paste already applied.

    It doesn't perform as well as the aftermarket thermal paste some people decide to replace it with, but it will perform just fine for regular use.
  2. I took it off just to check and I saw the thermal paste on it, however since I just took it out and placed it back in does that render the thermal paste useless? :/
  3. Some may disagree with me, but I say that because it is a fresh installation, You will be OK. If the thermal compound had time to set, my advice would be different.
  4. you got it right. you need to apply thermal paste onto the processor. you can get it from any of the commercial shops.
  5. no. it does not make the paste go useless. ;)
  6. thanks guys! i bought another cooler that comes with thermal paste, but i had no idea it was for the processor-.-
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