Can a bad cpu fry a motherboard?

So the other day my computer wouldn't start. I hit power and just.... nothing. It powers on however theres no post or beeps or anything. I had some psu issues earlier in the year so i thought aha it must have just given out. So I got a new one, installed it.... nothing

Next I went through the whole troubleshooting shebang, I took everything out and tried to boot, no beeps, no nothing. So I tried different combinations of different ram, different video cards, taking out battery, putting battery in, still no post, no nothing.

Figured damn it must be the motherboard, so I got a new one and just finished installing it, still no post. Tried different video cards different ram and just nothing I am getting at my wits end. The only thing I haven't tried is a new processor.

So just to test I take my processor and put it in another computer in the house which is compatible with my processor. I put it in and power up the computer... SAME problem, no post no nothing on a completely different computer. Think I have it figured out, however when I put the old processor back in the test computer, it still isn't posting. Is it possible that my processor is damaged in some way that it is frying whatever socket its put into?

My old mobo is a GIGABYTE GA-MA790FXT-UD5P, the new one is a gigabyte 970a-ud3
ram is mushkin 4gb x2 sticks, ddr3
radeon 6950 2gb
AMD Phenom II X4 945 Deneb 3.0

Really have no idea where to go from here aside from getting a new processor however theres the issue that this processor may have busted another comp? Any enlightenment would be greatly appreciated.

Also I went through a guide on these forums that is a no-post "checklist" though I suppose Ill find comb through it again
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  1. A bad cpu won't fry a board if it's installed correctly, and most newer decent power supplies won't either unless you plugged in a connector in the wrong place. Here's one troubleshooting video if it helps; I also recommend an esd strap if you continue handling components.
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