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Comparing boards with same chipsets

Hi all, prospective builder here trying to get some good info about which board to get. I've read about the differences between Z68/P67/H67 etc, but I'm still confused about how to compare boards with the same chipset.

For example I saw one board on newegg that was $85 with Z68 and another one that was $200 that also had Z68. What warrants the differences in price? So far all I can gather is SATA II versus SATA III, and reports that some boards are "better" at overclocking than others (not sure what they mean by this)?

Is getting a cheap board and trying to overclock a bad idea?
Is it a good idea to get a cheap board if I'm not going to overclock?

Thanks for any info
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    With a cheap mobo you can overclock but not to a verry high frequency. You can overclock at decent frequency let.s say 4.0 - 4.2 Ghz.
    If you don't overclock is not a bad idea to buy a cheap Z68 motherboard.
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  3. thanks, just what i was looking for
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