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Hello all,
I bought a Biostar A55MH to use with an AMD A4-3400 processor. However, after putting my desktop back together, my monitor keeps saying no signal. It also appears that the hard drive isn't running; everything else works though. Any idea what could be the problem? Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Check to insure that your memory and graphics card are properly seated, check your power connectors, including the ATX12V and graphic card (if it requires added power connector). You might try connecting to the onboard video to see if it puts out a signal.

    Does it post, can you enter the bios? If so, check all your bios settings.
  2. I would check to see if the connections to the hdd are seated properly and also try another sata port on the motherboard. If the hdd isn't running then the bios post process hasn't been completed and that needs to happen for you to get a post beep and then the splash screen to come up on the monitor.
  3. I already checked the ram. I'm only using the integrated gpu from the processor. I rechecked the power connectors, but I've still gotten nothing. I can't see anything in the monitor because it says no signal as soon as I turn on the monitor.
  4. Did you check the bios settings to insure that the ram frequency and voltage are correct (sometimes the spd sets incorrect settings), also check the bios setting for the video and does the specific hdd show up in the boot order?
  5. What about the hdd as I stated if the hdd isn't running the motherboard hasn't completed its post checks and you will not hear the post beep untill it does. So you will have to figure out what's up with the hdd.
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