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6870 low FPS

So i was trying out my new 6870 and i realize that Starcraft 2 favors nvidia cards but when i play i get the same FPS if not lower than my previous 5570.All the settings are exactly the same and it's actually doing poorer.

Phenom ii 965
Radeon XFX6870
4g ddr3 1333

I have downloaded all the recent drivers and that hasn't helped either.I do however get a lot more FPS when theirs nothing going on but in large battles it's actually doing worse than the 5570.
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  1. What resolution do you play at and what exact FPS do you get ?
  2. I play at 1600x900 so the 6870 should have no problem maxing everything in SC2.I get higher FPS than the 5570 but the minimum FPS is lower than the 5570.I get around 150+ "idle" and around 30-40 "load" when theirs "action".Seems strange i was told the 68xx would increase the minmum fps you would get but in this situation its the oppoiste.

    I turned all my settings down from Ultra back to the way they were which was High.So it's exactly the same settings as the 5570 but i'm getting worse minimum FPS than before.

    EDIT:I'm thinking it's probably just a driver issue since the 68xx are still new,sure theirs drivers that will come out soon to patch it.
  3. Do you have AA options turned on in the CCC? SC2 takes a fairly large penalty with AA on. Especially if you try to use supersampling.

    If you use the general quality slider and turn it to quality or high quality, it automatically turns that stuff on to override in game settings.
  4. No i've never used A/A with SC2.I have all of those settings set to Application Managed,since SC2 has no A/A in their options it isn't turned on.
  5. You might try running GPU-Z and make sure the bus interface is listed as "PCIe 2.0 x16 @ 2.0 x16" or at least running at x8.
  6. How about other games?
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    and isn't 30-40 FPS smooth in a RTS? I get about 25-40 FPS in SC2 and it feels not at all sluggish...
  8. One more thing to check. For some reason, I've had this happen to me and it fixed itself with a reboot, but I've heard others having a hard time with it which took a full driver sweep and reinstall, and might have even required more.

    Anyways, run GPU-Z or MSI Afterburner, and and track the GPU Core clock while you game. Make sure that the Core is going to the proper clock speed. I've heard people who found their clock speed wasn't leaving the idle speeds.

    Sometimes this can be due to not enough power, as the new 6000 series have a power play thing that will drop the clocks automatically if they don't get enough juice.
  9. Other games are fine,i'm palying BFBC2 maxed out settings and i'm getting 60+FPS.In an RTS it is harder to spot the glitchyness of low FPS but it drops around 20fps when something intense is going on and i would have expexted much more from a 6870.

    And i have been it thru MSI Afterburner and i'm running stability test and it's going to the designated clocks.I'm thinking stability testing would be the same as playing a game...

    For clarity, i have a Seasonic 520watt.42amps on the 12/v so i think i'm getting enough power.I saw the power saving thing on my old 5570,wish their was a way to turn it off but i haven't found it yet...
  10. I wasn't necessarily questioning your PSU. I just wanted you to check MSI afterburner and see if there are dips in the GPU clocks while you are playing the game.

    Also, every benchmark I've seen on SC2 for every card on the planet, there are dips into the 20's.
  11. I always thought that SC2 was more CPU demanding.

    I will check out that MSI graph...
  12. purple stank said:
    I always thought that SC2 was more CPU demanding.

    I will check out that MSI graph...

    Based on the benchmarks I've seen, it is CPU demanding, and GPU demanding. It's just demanding at the highest settings.

    After the benchmarks I looked at, it's CPU demanding more so than GPU, and it drops all cards down to 20 FPS at times.
  13. Look at these benchmarks at Ultra settings without AA:,2728-6.html
  14. I realize that all GPU's will suffer to some degree,but my main concern here is that the low fps zone is the exact same as my 5570.I would think that the 6870 would do much better than the 5570.

    Here is that graph you were talking about,doesn't seem like theirs any power saving function goign on.

    Uploaded with
  15. Based on what I saw on the benchmarks at Ultra, it's the CPU that it bottlenecking you.
  16. how so? I have a phenom ii x4 965 @3.8ghz

    Notice that at 1080p the 460, 470, 5850 and 5870 all have the same performance?

    Notice their mininum fps remain at 20ish and their max at 40ish?

    That's with an i7 @ 3.1ghz
  18. It doesn't say what their doing in the game when their doing that test.That seems like a very large battle.No way a 5870 is getting 40fps when nothing is going on.
  19. I don't know what to tell you.

    That's the benchmarks they are showing.

    BTW, is this on multiplayer or single player? I've seen a lot of complaints with multiplayer FPS, which could be an internet issue.
  20. Yea it's multiplayer which i find completly understandable for the fps to drop so low because of how many units are on the map.The only thing thats bothering me is that the low fps is the same as the 5570.O well.

    Thanks for the help.
  21. The low Multiplayer could be a netcode issue, and not a graphics card issue.
  22. what is that?
  23. It's the code the servers use to pass info back and forth. I don't know the specifics.
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