First time PC build . is it good or shouLd i buy higher end?

first of all i wanna thank all of the peopLe on tom's hardware that heLp peopLe everyday and sharing their thoughts and knowLedge 'em proud of you ! I learned aLot i mean ALOT from this site even though i just signed up earLier coz i have a 1million dollar question before i trigger na button.

ill be getting
DRIVER: Asus black 24x
HSF: CM Hyper +212
HDD: Samsung F3 1TB
RAM: G.skill DD3 1600mhz
Monitor: Asus Vh242

and my Question is

1. what CPU shouLd i get ? ill be pLaying WoW,SC2,DotA ( maybe try other games ) and ill watching massive movies @1080p or more and ill to teach my seLf how to edit a DotA vid , but not that much video editting since i dont know how yet . Athlon II x3 445 or Phenom II X4 955 ? does this cpu have a Lot of differences ? ( i.e better muLtitask , no lag , etc ) pLease expLain .

2.what is better MOBO ? Asrock 870 extreme3 or Msi 870A-G54 ? or suggest any ?

3: i cant decide what PSU shouLd i get , is this fine? RAIDMAX HYBRID 2 RX-530SS 530W i Like the reviews of it cheap and it matches my LEXA S . or shouLd i get RAIDMAX HYBRID 2 RX-530SS 630W?

thanks , im willing to Learn . and have Learned aLot from you guys here on TOMSHARDWARE .
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  1. DONT get a cheap power supply like the ones you are suggesting, they are both cheap crap that will not put out their rated power. Even an antec 380w will outperform those PSU's and run the system you plan to build. For PSU get one of these brands: Seasonic, Antec, Corsair, OCZ, Silverstone, FSP and there are a few other good ones but you cant go wrong if you get a brand from that list. If you play SC2 you are better off with an Intel CPU, even a core i3 and a Nvidia GPU like a gts450. If you want to play games at 1080p resolution you need a gtx460 or ati 6850 bare minimum. Also just use the stock HSF that comes with the CPU as you really need to spend the cash elsewhere.
  2. do you think thats a wise decision going for gtx460 instead of RD6850 ?

    and going for I3 instead of getting an AMD Phenom X4?

    i saw you earLier heLping out another person . :) youre really good ^^
  3. Best answer,2859-8.html read through that. the CPU answers are there. it really depends on the game, but an i3 can be faster than a phenom x4 and definitely faster than an athlonx3. gtx 460 or amd 6850 produce similar performance. AMD has a better anti aliasing feature and nvidia has physx hardware accelleration, for the few games that use it. the 6850 uses a bit less power, either card can be run on a quality 450w PSU by some of the manufacturers i have recommended. A 5770 can be run on a cheaper brand psu, like the one you had picked initially, but cheap brand psu's often last a year or less and then they blow up potentially causing a power surge through your computer that can destroy cpu, motherborad, ram etc. Also the ddr 1600mhz you selected is not necessary, 1066 or 1333 is enough, you wont see the difference in performance, so you can save some money there too and put it toward better gpu or cpu. I have had good luck with ASUS motherboards, they continue to provide support and BIOS updates years after the boards are released. You dont need a high end motherboard unless you plan to run dual gpu cards.
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  5. well said thanks for the heLp , i got a good advice that if i cant wait for a month or 2 , there's a chance i can get a better deaLs at CPU ( or maybe buy a bulldozer if its cheap , why not ! ) about the ram if i go for 1333mhz i can save like onLy 5$
  6. For budget builds use Toms Dec 2010 $500 SBM as an excellent guide for bang for buck low cost gamer

    Toms Dec 2010 $500 USD SBM,2811.html
  7. Starcraft II really benefits from a strong CPU, but looks pretty decent even on medium settings. If you don't need every setting to be maxed in your games, the HD5770 will be entirely suitable if you're on a tight budget; even a HD5670 can play games, as the previous $400 SBM article from September showed:,2739.html especially when you consider that the tables showed higher settings.
    Definitely get a quality PSU. I haven't seen the newest Raidmax units reviewed, but their older ones more properly deserve the name "Chokemax," because they die violently well before their maximum labeled output. Antec, Seasonic, Corsair, XFX, and Enermax are among the better brands.
  8. if i get a higher end graphics card , will i get a better resolution like 1080p when watching movie's ?
    and pLay games @1080p no Lag?

    i guess ill pump a lil more to get a ATI RAD HD 6850 or maybe a GTX 460 768mb ( is this really better than 6850? ) if they have a better deaL or if its cheaper im not willing to spend over 130$ on GPU . im not a fanboy of anything manufacturer's but i want to read reviews alot of the things i will buy . i have read that they are saying that the gtx 460 768mb is faster than 6850 . not really sure . but what GPU can you recommend for me ? i wanna watch movies @1080p too is 5770 fine or wut ?
  9. Just for 1080p movie watching, a HD5450 would be enough.
    I'd choose a 1GB GTX460 over the HD5770 if you can afford it, but they're around $160 after MIR if you play the rebate game and win. If $130 is the limit, then a HD5770 is probably the best you'll be able to get unless someone turns up a great deal somewhere.
  10. what is that rebate game , LOL isnt this a good GPU at 130$

    do you think should i get a lower end monitor because i might just lag when im playing games or watching movies at 1080p with this GPU
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